Simracersworld 4h of Spa

At a track we all know so well, we were looking foward to the start of simracersworld first fun endurance event in the Porsche 911 RSR. After putting ourselves 2nd on the grid during a fantastic qualifiying lap from PJ, we couldn't wait for the start to come about. Dropping one position early on in the race, we knew our best option was to stick behind 2nd place and attempt to save as much fuel as possible to help extend our stint times. This would help remove the possibility of taking a splash and dash towards the end of the race. After taking tires on the first stop we found ourselves chasing first and second with the latter deciding to double stint which proved the better choice in that situation.

Two stints down, Lewis stepped in to take the final two stints in an attempt to claw back second place. An 8 second gap was wittled down throughout the first stint and a pass was made in the final laps of the stint to take us to second place. A couple of laps after the pass, the final set of pit stops took place. We decided to take fresh tires and it proved the right decision as temperatures were hot and rising quickly making it hard to double stint. As a repeat of earlier occured, we now found ourselves back in third place after second opted to double stint again. The chase was on to close down a now 20 second gap. 10 laps towards the end of the race, Lewis caught up and made the pass which would see Alpine grab a well deserved second place overall.

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